NEXTyouthsports was established to help change the world of competitive youth sports. NYS looks beyond research, advisory services, and new ventures to realize an innovative vision that sees young student-athletes preparing for full lives after competition on the field or court. It’s all about learning to live a Big Life.

Competition, Education, Wellness and Business are the four pillars of our integrated strategy, and they form the foundation of Youth Sports Generation 4.0, a term coined by NYS to define the evolution of athletics into a preparation place for life after competitive recreation. See the Work page to learn more about NYS services and activities.

David Preece

Founder & Principal


The founder and principal of NEXTyouthsports is David Preece, a marketing and tourism veteran of over 35 years.

David is a faculty member of the Business Management Department at Brigham Young University-Hawaii, and serves as the Academic Director of the university's Center for Hospitality & Tourism. He teaches marketing, communications, business strategy, sales, customer relationship management, and tourism destination management/marketing. Visitor destination development, cultural/rural  tourism, and sports tourism are particular academic and consulting interests. ​

His sports tourism experience includes formerly serving as VP of North America for the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, where in addition to marketing the Islands to the US and Canada, he worked with the PGA Tour to create the “Aloha Season” and with the NFL on marketing the annual Pro Bowl.

​He is the former President and CEO of the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau which serves as the destination marketing organization for the Northern Illinois region.

Tourism annually brings $300 million of economic impact to the Rockford Region, and during his tenure at the RACVB, David restructured and refocused the team, launched a new regional brand platform (www.littlecitybiglife.com), instituted a sophisticated strategic communications approach, and introduced a variety of innovative tourism marketing programs that grew the market—and which maintain a residual positive effect on Rockford’s visitor industry.

In addition to promoting leisure and meetings visitation to Rockford, David led many initiatives with public and private entities to upgrade and expand tourism experiences for visitors. This broad product development role included advising local attractions, leading sports-related developments, planning elements of a downtown/riverfront renaissance, and conducting convention center feasibility research.


A key RACVB initiative was collaborating with the Rockford Park District to expand  the sports event tourism sector and its impact on the local economy. Sports events account for 25% of Rockford hotel room nights, and David tightened focus and accelerated the business development efforts of the sales team to grow the tourism impact of sports.

David also served as VP of Marketing at Classic Vacations (Expedia), President of The Travel Institute, and VP of Marketing and Sales at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii.

On the Hawaii sports front, in 2010 David and a BYUH colleague were commissioned by Vans to spearhead an economic impact study of the world's premiere big-wave surfing championship, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.  The event's total financial effect on Hawaii's tourism economy is $21 million. This research project also assessed and confirmed the importance of surfing to the global image of Hawaii as a destination and the surfing capital of the world.

To learn more about David's professional background, please see his LinkedIn profile here.

Laurie R. Preece

Founder & Principal


Laurie is an experienced business leader and community coach with unique skills in collaborative planning and collective impact.


Laurie is a community consultant with Nashville-based Alignment USA which focuses on high-profile collective impact initiatives around the country. She is certified as a facilitator by the Institute of Cultural Affairs and is frequently requested to speak at professional and educational conferences about her successes in bringing together diverse stakeholders to develop common goals and effectively collaborate on implementation of community projects.


Laurie has made important strategic and operational contributions to many NEXTYouthsports initiatives, in particular the Field of Dreams marketing research project which involved understanding the local community's interests and concerns.


View Laurie's LinkedIn profile by clicking here.